We are a small group of modellers who, despite being few in number, have diverse interests in the following scales/gauges:-


N     - British outline. 

OO  - Perhaps the most popular scale, again British outline.

HO  - The European scale with modellers mainly interested in the railways of Austria and            the Czech Republic but with some interest in other areas of Europe.

HOe- Austrian narrow gauge prototypes are the interest here.

O     - British outline in this larger scale.

O-16.5 - Often known as 7mm narrow gauge, modelling in this scale tends to be 

              freelance rather than based on specific prototypes.  


Within the group we have a wide range of skills in railway modelling and can help in planning, building and maintaining model railways.  We welcome visitors and if you are interested in talking to us please get in touch via our Contacts Page. 


James Harrison, a member of the Group, is also a skilled producer of videos who has  a chanel on YouTube dedicated to his own layouts as well as many taken at model railway exhibitions throughout the Country. Known as Brockwell Lane this link will take you to his videos.